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3D printing conjunctiva

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3D printing conjunctiva Empty 3D printing conjunctiva

Post by darkhorse Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:05 am

So by now there are a bunch of research papers online showing some of the possible severe complications from getting the eye whitening surgery. I did some research on the bare scleral pterygium technique vs the conjunctiva autograft version and the rate of complication and reoccurrence is drastically lower when using a conjunctival autograft. Ibite and other eye whitening surgeries use the bare sclera technique since most patients with chronic red eyes don't have enough extra conjunctiva to cover all of the problem areas. This and the high level of mitomycin c used is probably why the complications are so high. But professors and scientists at various institutes have been developing 3D printers that can print muscle, skin, bone, and even functioning organs like the heart and liver. They even transplanted a few people with a functioning bladder 10 years ago who are now doing extremely well. I'm thinking that it should be possible to print out healthy and new conjunctiva to be use for the autografts, once this technology is fully developed and in wide use. I'm guessing that it probably will be at least another 5 years until this is in wide use as they are still in the testing phase for things like printing 3D kidneys and hearts (although I would think conjunctiva would be a lot easier than printing out a heart). I think it could dramatically improve the safety and effectiveness of eye whitening surgery. I'm not willing to take the risk in its current form but hopefully someone in the healthcare field will have the motivation and foresight to explore this path.


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